• Circular sawing line for steel distribution

    Carl Spaeter Hamburg

Carl Spaeter Hamburg has invested in a new sawing centre consisting of two Behringer mitre bandsaw lines and two Behringer Eisele high speed circular saws. With the new sawing lines, the leading steel distributor in the north of Germany has improved its efficiency and expanded its service portfolio.

HCS high speed circular saw - mass production with maximum output

The centrepiece of the system - the high speed circular saw HCS 150 E - is our all-rounder for steel distribution and impresses with the highest cutting quality and efficiency, even for regularly changing raw materials.

With a 12 metre long flat magazine with integrated pre-storage and active remnant storage, Behringer Eisele has implemented a universal solution for almost all profile shapes for Carl Spaeter Hamburg.

The circular sawing system also offers an extremely flexible system on the disposal side for the extensive requirements of the steel trade. Very short trim cuts, remnants and short parts up to 10 kg and 12-150 millimetres in diameter are disposed of directly at the saw via a chute / sorting switch.

Longer cuts are moved to three different push-off positions by the combination of disposal tongs and link belt conveyor. In addition, trim cuts and remnants can be disposed at the end of the belt.

The enormous increase in productivity with the HCS 150 E allows Carl Spaeter Hamburg to reduce processing times from several days to just a few hours. The sawing solution is also extremely flexible and makes it possible to process a wide range of orders with cut-off lengths of 12 - 4,500 mm without operator intervention.





BTS 460 NC carbide circular saw

In addition to the automated HCS sawing system, Carl Spaeter Hamburg also uses our compact BTS 460 NC carbide circular saw.

With the help of a jib crane, the parts can be removed from the deposit and placed directly on the BTS fixture. In this particular application, a chamfer is then sawn into the material. A process that was outsourced in the past can now be realised in-house with high quality standards.

With a powerful sawing unit from the HCS series, servo-driven workpiece clamping and individual fixture options, Carl Spaeter Hamburg is ideally equipped for a wide range of applications with the BTS.





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