Eisele Circular Saws

Performance, precision and efficiency in a new definition

Behringer Eisele circular saws are the specialists when it comes to sawing steel and non-ferrous metals. Our machines redefine the circular sawing process, cut all types of material in a matter of seconds and stand for the highest quality and durability. When you say sawing, you also have to think about parts handling. Whether for disposal or transport to downstream processing - we handle and transport your parts wherever you want.

Vertical Circular Saws VMS

Simple handling, robust design and precise cuts - a reliable partner in workshop and plants.

  • Semi-Automatic VMS
  • Automatic Machines VMS

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Up-Stroking Circular Saws PSU

Flexible and universal mitre cuts in a variety of metals and variable degree of automation.  

  • Semi-automatic machines
  • Semi-automatic machines for bent pipes
  • Automatic Machines

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High-Performance Automatic Cirluar Saws HCS

Shorter cycle times, higher output - Specialists for maximum cutting performance.

  • HCS E series
  • HCS MF series

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High-Performance Aluminium Circular Saws VA-L

For aluminium and non-ferrous metals - excellent surface quality at highest output.

  • VA-L 500 E
  • VA-L 560 NC2
  • VA-L 560 NC3

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