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    100 years. Fit for future.

In the last 100 years, Behringer has made history. It all began when our grandfather, August Behringer, founded a workshop back in 1919. As a tinkerer and pioneer, he courageously forged new paths time and time again. The development and production of the first hacksaw in 1945 marked the first step towards the Behringer of today, an expert company and a leader in technology. We are proud that the company has remained entirely family-owned even after 100 years.

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Christian Behringer

has headed up the Engineering, Sales and Marketing Divisions as Managing Partner since 2000.

"The needs of our customers are the benchmark by which we drive our developments. They give us impetus for creative solutions in sawing technology. This applies both to new developments and to innovative details on proven plant concepts. We also recommend ourselves as an experienced, competent partner for major projects, which we realize in close cooperation with the customer."

Rolf Behringer

has been in charge of the Commercial Division as Managing Partner since 1988.

“Today, more than ever, competitiveness in mechanical engineering means keeping an eye on one's own production processes. Savings potential can be exploited here, for example through modular design or efficient supplier management. Most of the suppliers we use have been our partners over many years, and with their support we are able to operate profitably. Under the bottom line, it is our customers who benefit. We are able to pass on added value and so help them to set new standards in the market."


Fit For Future.

Optimised processes. Investment in the future.

Behringer is making itself fit for the future with a wide-ranging investment programme. The most obvious change took place in the anniversary year at the headquarters in Kirchardt with the construction of the new administration building and new production hall on an area totalling approximately 6,100 m² which marked a key milestone.

The new building offers the ultimate in flexibility with new process structures for the production of complex sawing lines. Development, Organisation and Administration have been extended and made ready for the digital transformation and new communication and information technology with modern, ergonomic workstations.

To meet market requirements for turn-key solutions and to ramp up production and assembly of fully automated systems according to state-of-the-art criteria, a decision was made to build the new production hall. This step covers the relocation of the material handling department from the Sinsheim-Dühren factory to Kirchardt, introduction of a synchronized flow assembly in the handling department and the installation of a fully automated, fully integrated sawing drilling line for the company’s own production and as a demonstration project for customers.

Behringer Technology Centre

Research. Development. Training.

The Behringer Technology Centre (BTZ) is an innovation centre and showroom in one. Modern Behringer sawing machines and highly trained employees provide the optimum environment for training customers, our own field service engineers and sales staff as well as carrying out cutting trials and demonstrations for customers.

Other key tasks include the preliminary and final acceptance for machines and test runs for new developments and prototypes, long-term studies and customer-focused research and development activities.

Design throughout the ages.

You were involved in the development of several BEHRINGER milestones.
In almost 30 years in the Design department, I have been involved in many things – from the development of standard machines to turn-key system solutions. My first milestone was the 26 series, extremely varied, based on a modular system. At the turn of the century, the HBM series, the “formula 1 of saws”, which remains one of the most powerful machines on the market. The large bandsaw series in 2007 was also impressive.

How do you approach development work?
There are a number of factors that come into play. Ideally, all parties should get together around a table: the customer, the tool manufacturer and ourselves as machine manufacturer. Needless to say, we carry out our own research in-house and are in contact with university facilities.

What are the challenges?
We have to take an ever more nuanced look at the sawing process, as there are now different tools which vary in their ability to saw different materials. Customers won’t exchange the bandsaw blade for each and every material. The big challenge for us is to find the optimum operating values given the conditions for the specified bandsaw blade. Another challenge is that as the cutting performance increases, ever more chips arise in a shorter period of time. In contrast to the machines of 30 years ago, chip disposal is of much greater significance today.

What motivates you?
I strive to create the best machine and the best solution for the customer. I’m motivated by customer feedback, when they report that everything is working well.


Ulrich Schechter, Head of Design


From a one-man band to leading international provider of innovative sawing technology.

We would like to invite you to take a trip back in time, through 100 years of the history of our family and our technology; a story that begins shortly after the First World War. Experience the life stories of people, those who lived through the events and the pioneering spirit that prevailed in relation to sawing.

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Behringer values

More than a family.

100 years of Behringer are not just 100 years of the history of the Behringer family and the company. This period is shaped, above all, by people, some of whom have dedicated 10, 20, 30, 40 and even 50 years of their lives to the company. There are hundreds of individual stories to be told by our employees, whose ideas and personal commitment have ensured that Behringer is always one step ahead for its customers – in terms of quality and precision as well as innovation and technical creativity.

It is the family-like atmosphere which is built on trust, respect and honesty. And it is the values which are upheld by everyone in the company and that customers around the world value.


In line with the tradition of our company management, we feel a sense of obligation to our employees, as well as our customers and suppliers. Our word is our bond.


For us, this means everything from a single source. Behringer is one of the few complete providers on the market to offer a sophisticated and wide-ranging programme.


“From molten iron to the finished product.” Extensive vertical integration, high-quality machining centres, the latest production methods and consistent quality management ensure that all our products meet high standards in all production stages.

Innovative force

Whether it’s a workshop model or a high-end saw for industry – our aim is to be at the cutting edge when it comes to high performance and precision.

Customer focus

We consider our customers tasks and processes in-depth. So we know exactly what kind of sawing technology our customers need. We understand their needs and maintain a constant dialogue with them. Individual solutions are our strength.

Pioneering spirit

The pioneering spirit of the company founder lives on today in the company. Our engineers and technicians continuously maintain and develop our products. They develop, design and produce our high-performance machines – with a dedicated, solution-based approach.


For more efficiency in your production.

The Behringer customer base covers the entire metal and steel construction industry as well as mechanical and plant engineering. Behringer sawing machines are also used by steel manufacturers, steel traders, in metallurgical plants and forging stores. Users in the non-ferrous metal sector, who cut copper and aluminum, for example, are also among our customers.


The decisive competitive advantage.

Our processes and procedures are firmly anchored in our management manual and are permanently monitored.

Quality and safety

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority and the central pillar of our activities. The quality of our products and services and the efficiency of our corporate processes are therefore of central importance. Our process-oriented quality management system according to DIN ISO 9001 accompanies and documents all essential processes and continuously puts them to the test. It significantly supports us in improving our corporate performance at all levels.


DIN ISO 9001

Energy management

The sustainable use of natural resources and the associated reduction of emissions is a strategic goal of our company. The introduction of an energy management system in accordance with the ISO 50001 standard helps us to identify potential savings in the energy sector and to continuously improve our energy efficiency by taking targeted measures.


DIN ISO 50001

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