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    National and international trade show appearances.

Trade shows have been part and parcel of Behringer's sales activities and a demonstration of the company’s close relationship with customers since the early 1960s. Behringer's events program includes up to 50 national and international trade shows every year. These exhibitions are an opportunity to demonstrate all the machines and innovations that are relevant for the market under production conditions. The focus is on specialist dialogue, detailed discussions with visitors and providing dedicated advice relating to customer needs. The visitors are always our driving force.

Trade Show Events



Louisville (KY) | USA

Aluminum USA

Hall/Booth: 633

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Chicago (IL) | USA

Fabtech USA

Hall/Booth: A3150

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Milan | Italy

EMO Milano

Hall: 5 | Booth: A20, A22, B19

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Houston (TX) | USA


Hall/Booth: 2421

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West Springfield (MA) | USA


Hall/Booth: 2000

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Stuttgart | Germany


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Greenville (SC) | USA

[Translate to Englisch:] Southtec

Hall/Booth: 429

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Detroit (MI) | USA

Forge Fair

Hall/Booth: 610

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Frankfurt am Main | Germany


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Longbeach (CA) | USA


Hall/Booth: 831

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We have an ear to the ground at trade fairs.

The first trade show I was responsible for was in Malaysia. After arriving at the airport, I stopped briefly at the hotel to check in and then went straight to the trade fair. To my horror, I discovered that our stand was in the centre of the hall’s entrance. So we had to wait for all the other exhibitors to bring their exhibits in before we could complete our stand late in the evening. I had to connect my machines myself. Unfortunately, I mixed a couple of the wires up and blew the hall lighting. But after this, I got to grips with things. After a 14-hour redeye flight and a whole day spent setting up our stand, I collapsed into bed.

However, it was all worthwhile. The trade fair went brilliantly and we sold the exhibited machine on the very first day. We also keep an ear to the ground by establishing and maintaining excellent customer relationships. Our late Senior Boss Herbert Behringer exemplified the motto “it’s all about the customer”. This approach made an impression on me and remains an important part of company philosophy at BEHRINGER. In my daily work, it is important to motivate my internal staff, our sales force and our representatives in this respect.


Achim Müller, Head of Sales