Efficiency first.

The founding of Behringer Saws Inc. then in Columbus (Indiana) as an independent USA branch office in 1993 represented a huge step in a growth market that still sets the pace. Now setteled down in Morgantown (PA), this Behringer branch office looks after companies in the steel and aluminium sector throughout North America.

An area totalling around 4,000 m² is available for administration, showroom, storage and production. The production range covers customer-specific adaptations of stock models and all components for materials handling. This ensures that the conveyor components are compatible with the saw and automation. Behringer Saw Inc. is the biggest foreign subsidiary with over 30 employees.

Richard Klipp

President Behringer Saws, Inc. in Morgantown, PA


Behringer Saws, Inc. (Subsidiary)
721 Hemlock Road
Morgantown, Pennsylvania 19543

+1 610 28 69 777