Efficient material handling solutions for automatic mitre circular saws

True efficiency is reflected in results. Saw handling solutions from Behringer Eisele allow you to achieve high plant throughput in low-manned operation.

Anyone considering performing sawing operations also needs to think about efficient material handling. Take the best our production has to offer - we will be right behind you with our full support: As a leading problem solving provider and innovative system supplier. So that you can squeeze every last ounce of performance from our machine, we will work out precisely tailored plant concepts designed to suit your special requirements: With individual infeed, transfer and transport solutions which all fit together perfectly.

We offer the entire periphery including user-friendly hardware and intelligent control software. For optimum sequences, maximum process reliability and a consistently high standard of quality for your products.

Bar loading magazine SM

  • Automatic loading of round material
  • Robust design, virtually maintenance-free
  • Quick and simple loading process

Flat loading magazine FM

  • Handling of almost every profile shape
  • Flexible loading system for various materials
  • Handling of rest pieces is possible on the infeed side – flat magazine with active back-storing feature (option)
  • Active pre-storage area (option)

Bundle loading magazine BM

  • Large loading capacity
  • Simple handling
  • Automatic separation of bar bundles
  • Suitable for round material

The Universal bar loading magazine USM

  • Automatic loading of round material
  • Loading of rectangular profiles is possible as an option
  • Robust construction, virtually maintenance-free
  • Quick and simple loading process

Disposal gripper with tiltable roller conveyor

  • Process-safe removal of the cut-offs from the sawing area
  • Flexible depositing of the cut-offs on defined positions by servo motor
  • Sorting out of trim cuts and remnants
  • Deposit into different containers
  • Defined transfer to downstream processing steps

Slat band conveyor with pushing deviced

  • Used in connection with disposal grippers
  • Safe transport of material – including short pieces
  • The pushing devices push the pieces in various boxes provided for disposal

Disposal belt with pushing units

  • Reliable material transport of long and short cut-offs
  • Pushing units for discharge into different containers
  • Transfer stations can be integrated, e.g. for transfer to robots, brush deburring, etc.

Powered roller conveyor with pushing devices

  • Smooth evacuation and transport of cut pieces (medium and long)
  • The pieces are pushed into boxes or pillars from where they can be removed easily