Aluminium Circular Saw VA-L 560 NC3 XL

for cutting aluminium and non-ferrous metals

Excellent surface quality, high output, short rest piece lengths and careful material handling - the VA-L series aluminium saws set standards in all areas worldwide. With its servo-driven material clamping devices and servo-driven saw feed system, it is unsurpassed in terms of cutting performance and precision.

  • Aluminium circular saw VA-L 560 NC2

    Aluminium circular saw VA-L 560 NC3 XL

  • large machine doors provide best accessibility

    Excellent accessibility

  • Feeding gripper for the positioning of the starting material

    Feeding gripper with lift and shift device

  • Aluminium saw VA-L intuitive PLC control with touch screen

    Powerful control system of the aluminium saw

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    Product video VA-L 560 NC3 project Festo

  • Saw feed through servo rocker

    Saw feed with servo rocker arm

  • Cutting gap extension provides scratch-free cutting surfaces

    Automatic widening of kerf channel

Features of the aluminium circular saw VA-L 560 NC3 XL

  • Servo-driven material clamping
    Clamping force and clamping travel can be set precisely. This ensures particularly safe and surface-protecting clamping and high repeatability in the fully automated process.

  • Excellent surface quality
    The aluminium circular saw provides an optimum, low-vibration cutting process. The workpieces can be transferred to the next operations without or almost without post-processing.

  • Careful material handling
    Damage to the material surface is avoided by the special design of the material handling systems.

  • Material feed system with lift and shift device
    The NC axis with ball screw and servo drive in conjunction with lift and shift device guarantees extreme positioning accuracy and helps ensure gentle material handling. The material is lifted by the material support and moved by the fixed jaw.

  • Good accessibility
    The housing of the circular saw can be opened up to expose large areas of the machine. All the important components and parts are easily accessible. The machine’s open design affords direct access to all important components, facilitating maintenance, cleaning, repairs and saw blade exchange.

  • Short remnant length
    of only 50 mm in automatic operation saves expensive material.

  • Highest level of safety
    The unique machine concept prioritizes occupational safety and ergonomic design. The VA-L is 100% encapsulated as standard. The seal-tight casing practically excludes any risk of injury caused by reaching into the machine during sawing operation, as well as drastically reducing noise emissions.

  • Chip extraction
    The basic design of the VA-L aluminium saw is optimised for the connection of extraction systems. Tests have shown that up to 99.95% of the chips are thus extracted from the machine interior. This is essential for mass cutting applications!

  • Automatic widening of kerf channel
    allows clear return travel of the saw blade by pressing back the material and the offcut on both sides. The effect: increased service life of tools and elimination of scratching on the cut surface during blade retraction.

  • High output
    due to a powerful drive and optimised material flow.

Customer-specific sawing systems

Individual Configuration

The aluminium saw VA-L 560 NC3 XL can be configured perfectly to your requirements with numerous options. This is how you get the most out of your production. Our experts will be pleased to advise you. We look forward to your inquiry.


Technical data aluminium circular saw VA-L 560 NC3 XL

Cutting range 90° round 10 - 240 mm
Cutting range 90° flat 325 x 180 mm
Cutting range 90° square 200 x 200 mm
Smallest dimension to be sawn round 10 mm
Smallest dimension to be sawn flat 10 x 10 mm
Drive power 26 kW
RPM 800 - 3.400 min-1
Saw blade diameter 500 - 620 mm
Feeding length single stroke 1.000 mm
Feed rate 0 - 2.000 mm/s
Saw feed servo-driven
Material clamping servo-driven
Length 2.140 mm
Width 2.010 mm
Height 2.016 mm
Weight 2.400 kg
Material support height 925 mm

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