• Behringer Iron Foundry

    State-of-the-art technology increases efficiency.

By investing in an ultra-modern iron foundry, Behringer has set new standards in terms of quality and flexibility. Many years of specialist competence in the field of grey cast iron and spheroidal graphite cast iron, alongside a highly motivated workforce and state-of-the-art production technology are all key factors underpinning quality “made by Behringer”. Our hand moulding shop specializes in castings up to 4,000 kg in weight. Small production runs with a piece weight of up to around 200 kg are produced more economically than previously possible in our new block forming plant.

State-of-the-art methods of process monitoring and material testing provide the ultimate assurance when it comes to quality. As a complete supplier, we will be right by your side through the design phase to the finished casting. By providing the utmost flexibility, speed and reliability, our services will help to boost your competitive standing. 

Modern work processes

Everything from a single source

  • Ultra-modern iron foundry
  • Castings to a high standard of quality made of grey (EN-GJL) and spheroidal graphite (EN-GJS) cast iron
  • Hand and machine-moulded castings up to 4,000 kg
  • Machining on state-of-the-art machine tools
  • Surface treatment in line with customer specifications

  • Heat treatment in our own annealing shop
  • Consideration of current labour and environmental protection conditions
  • Investment in long-term partnership
  • Cutting-edge process technology
  • Optimum working conditions

Interview with Rolf Behringer.

Why does Behringer, a machine building company, run its own foundry?
Many of our machine components are made of castings, as cast parts damp vibrations. The low-vibration sawing process has a hugely positive effect on the service life of the tool, i.e. the bandsaw blade, and on the quality of the cut surface. These advantages are the hallmarks of Behringer machines. We have very high quality standards for cast parts. We want the best. So we carry out the casting ourselves.

We have to accept the higher costs. But our customers are aware of the benefits.

What has changed since the new foundry was opened?
Our customers are mainly local machine tool manufacturing companies. They value the proximity, flexibility and last but not least the quality of Behringer cast components. Currently, 80 percent of what we cast is for customers and 20 percent for our own needs.

Our Services

From molten iron to the finished product.

Model building shop

High-quality cast components are produced on the basis of precisely tailored models. We produce and maintain your models in our own in-house model building shop.

  • Utilization and processing of different materials such as wood, polystyrene, metals or plastics – depending on individual requirements
  • Quality control of models before and after every moulding process
  • Appropriate storage of your models
  • Individual coordination of model and casting system by our technical production engineering department

Core moulding shop

The production of your casting begins in our core moulding shop. On the basis of your specifications and our process experience, we produce sand cores using the cold setting resin.

  • Continuous flow production permits efficient production processes and short cycle times
  • Core weights can be implemented ranging up to several hundred kilos
  • Materials used are subjected to continuous quality controls
  • Just-in-time production of cores

Block moulding plant

Flexible and efficient – automatic moulding of different batch sizes. The block moulding plant forms the nerve centre of our new iron foundry.

  • Boxless moulding for maximum flexibility
  • Automated process, from moulding through pouring to breaking open the mould face
  • Efficient even for the smallest batch sizes
  • Production of cast components up to piece weights of around 200 kg
  • Environmentally friendly production through high-performance extraction with energy recovery

Hand moulding shop

Our hand moulding shop for your large castings. Our large-area hand moulding shop benefits from short transportation and communication routes to the core making shop and the smelting operation.

  • Generously proportioned conditions ensure an efficient workflow
  • A high-performance rotary mixer enables efficient filling of large moulding boxes
  • Production of castings weighing up to appr. 4,000 kg
  • Optimum work conditions for our well trained foundry mechanics

Additional services

Your needs are our benchmark


As a leading manufacturer of sawing machines, we are able to call on many years of experience in the manufacture of ready-to-mount cast components. We have at our disposal a diverse range of machining operations to cope with all your processing needs.

  • Modern horizontal and vertical CNC machining centres and CNC turning cells
  • Production from processing through to the complex finished product
  • Ultra-precise results in the micron range
  • Everything from a single source 

Surface and heat treatment

In our production, raw castings meet the very latest surfacing technologies. When we promise to supply everything from a single source, you can take us at our word.

  • Process-specific arrangement of separation and cleaning points
  • Consideration of current working and environmental conditions
  • Staff with many years of experience in deburring ensures optically attractive casts
  • Downstream PLC-controlled overhead rail shot blasting system for your small and medium-sized castings
  • Our own in-house annealing oven for reducing microstructure tension
  • Priming of castings 

Quality assurance

The testing of mechanical characteristic values and chemical analyses guarantees consistent quality.

  • Quality management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001
  • Tensile testing
  • Notched-bar impact testing
  • Microstructure analyses
  • Hardness testing
  • Ultrasound testing
  • Gauge arm
  • Issue of works and acceptance certificates

Material range

Depending on your technical requirements, we can cast grey and spheroidal graphite cast iron for you in our own in-house iron foundry in the following quality grades.

Grey Cast Iron

Lamellar graphite cast iron in compliance with DIN 1691 (DIN EN 1561)

Lamellar graphite cast iron is easy to temper and simple to machine. Grey cast iron is characterized by its above-average resistance to wear and its wall thickness insensitivity, outstanding damping properties and high strength without edge hardness. It is an excellent material in terms of both form and function.


  • GG-15 to GG-30

Download Material Range

Ductile Cast Iron

Spheroidal graphite cast iron in accordance with DIN 1693 (DIN EN 1563)

Spheroidal graphite cast iron offers impressive steel-like properties which are imparted to the material as a result of a special metallurgical treatment. The graphite present in spheroidal form allows the achievement of good chip interruption and minimized tool wear despite comparatively high strength. Consequently the material spheroidal graphite cast iron helps reduce machining times and drive down production costs.


  • GGG-40.3
  • GGG-40 to GGG-70

Download Material Range

Planned for the future.

Die Anlagen und Produktionsmittel der neuen Gießerei waren damals richtungsweisend. Schon bei der Planung mussten wir vorwegnehmen, was wir für einen wirtschaftlichen und ökologischen Betrieb in den nächsten Jahrzehnten benötigten. So sorgen heute noch moderne Arbeitsprozesse, durchgeplante Transportwege und optimierte Arbeitsbedingungen für deutlich kürzere Nebenzeiten, einen besseren Materialfluss und eine angenehme Arbeitsatmosphäre. Bei der ersten Zertifizierung nach der Q-Norm DIN ISO 9001 stand die Qualität im Fokus. Jedoch haben wir bereits bei der Konzeption an den nächsten Schritt gedacht und die Gießerei durch verschiedene Elemente für die Einführung eines Energiemanagementsystems nach DIN ISO 50001 fit gemacht.

Dabei achteten wir nicht nur auf Energieeinsparung im Vorfeld, sondern auch auf Nachhaltigkeit durch bauseitige Maßnahmen wie Wärmerückgewinnungs- oder Brauchwasseraufbereitungsanlagen. Jetzt ist die Gießerei knapp zehn Jahre in Betrieb und noch immer besuchen uns Kunden und Mitbewerber,um zu sehen, was eine effiziente Gießerei ausmacht. Mit unserer Technik sind wir auch heute noch vorne mit dabei. Kurz gesagt: Wir sind fit, wir sind schnell, wir sind zuverlässig, wir sind gut, und jeder kennt uns.


Dieter Karasek, Gießereileiter