Customer-specific sawing systems: Disposal devices

If you talk about the sawing process, you must also think about the disposal process. Whether merely evacuating the cut pieces or feeding them to subsequent processing stations – We can handle your cut pieces and guide them to wherever you like.

If you need space-saving and reliable solutions, just contact us. We are your competent partner and we provide comprehensive solutions for disposal and sorting: Inclined roller conveyors, disposal belts and hinged slat chain conveyors with sorting device are at your disposal.

Outfeed portal

  • Reliable removal of the cut pieces from the cutting area
  • Disposal and transport of cut pieces to defined positions with servo drive

Sorting switch (standard feature)

  • Used for short cutting lengths
  • The pieces can be disposed into 2 containers (e.g. separate containers for trimcut and short rest pieces)

Disposal gripper

  • Removes the pieces from the cutting area in a smooth and reliable way
  • Flexible depositing of the cuts on defined positions by servo motor

Slat band conveyor with pushing deviced

  • Used in connection with disposal grippers
  • Safe transport of material – including short pieces
  • The pushing devices push the pieces in various boxes provided for disposal

Tilting roller conveyor with container disposal

  • Linked directly to the outfeed portal
  • Pieces can be taken out from both sides

Powered roller conveyor with pushing devices

  • Smooth evacuation and transport of cut pieces (medium and long)
  • The pieces are pushed into boxes or pillars from where they can be removed easily

Robot cells with automated pallet station

  • Flexible system for organizing cut pieces