High-Performance Automatic Circular Saw HCS 150 E

The all-rounder for steel trade and industry

The high-performance automatic circular saws of the HCS-E series are specialists for highest cutting performance and premium quality, which quickly pay for themselves in multi-shift operation. The basis of the extreme performance is the unique, extremely stable and solid construction with perfectly matched components and state-of-the-art drive technology.

Behringer Eisele Metallkreissäge HCS 150 E

HCS 150 E

Behringer Eisele Metallkreissäge - flexibler Sägeblattschutz ermöglich den Einsatz verschiedener Sägeblattdurchmesser

HCS protection de la lame

Behringer Eisele Metallkreissäge - Stabiles Getriebe aus eigener Herstellung

Transmission stable et peu vibrante

Behringer Eisele Metallkreissäge 3-Punkt Materialspannung

Serrage du matériel en 3 points

Behringer Eisele Metallkreissäge mit intuitive SPS Steuerung mit Touch-Screen

Powerful control

Behringer Eisele Metallkreissäge Nachschubgreifer mit Servomotor

Servo-driven feeding gripper

Behringer Eisele Metallkreissäge mit leistungsstarkem Späneförderer

Chip conveyor

Behringer Eisele Metallkreissäge mit Sortierweiche zur Trennung von Anschnitten und kurzen Abschnitten

Sorting switch

Behringer Eisele Metallkreissäge Emulsionsnebelabscheider entfernt Dämpfe des Schneidöls

Spray mist extraction

Behringer VPN Fernwartung

Remote maintenance as standard

Example of robot connection (deburring, marking, palletising)

Avantages des HCS 150 E

  • Robust, low-vibration gear unit
    The heart of the saw unit is the worm gear unit, produced in-house. It is heavy duty and provides for a smooth, low-vibration running of the saw, which, of course, has a positive impact on the quality of the cutting surface and the blade life.

  • Cooling systems
    The HCS-E series is equipped with a micro-spray unit as standard. This ensures precise cooling and minimal lubrication of the tool. In addition, a cold air nozzle can further reduce the temperature of the tool when sawing difficult-to-cut materials.

  • Extremely solid construction
    The extremely stable and solid machine bed is the basis of every HCS. It ensures excellent vibration damping and ideal power flow. The cast iron parts made by Behringer have an additional positive effect.

  • Funnel-shaped machine base
    provides a perfect chip flow into the chip conveyor as well as the speedy disposal of chips. Cleaning is extremely easy.

  • Linear guided saw feed
    The saw unit is moved dynamically through the entire cutting area via two linear guides in conjunction with a ball screw and a servo motor. This ensures a long service life, excellent saw cuts and low burr formation.

  • Servo-driven feeding gripper
    swiftly positions the material precisely and in a matter of seconds. Its advantages are: accurate cutting length and short cycle times with tight tolerances.

  • Simple and intuitive operation of the control unit
    Everything under control! The control unit is self explanatory and easy to operate; operating mistakes are avoided and it allows for quick navigation within the program menu. Other systems can also be easily connected, both on the software and hardware side.

  • Chip conveyor (option)
    The chip conveyor can be installed flexibly. It ensures the quick disposal of chips, is easy to maintain and quick to clean. Optionally, the chip conveyor can also be mounted with ejection to the front.

Customer-specific sawing systems

Propre configuration

Les HCS 150 E peuvent être parfaitement configurées selon vos besoins grâce à de nombreuses options. Ainsi, vous tirez le maximum de votre production. Nos experts se feront un plaisir de vous conseiller. Nous nous réjouissons de votre demande.


Caractéristiques techniques HCS 150 E

Capacité de coupe 90° rond 152.4 mm
Capacité de coupe 90° plat 130 x 130 mm
Plus petite dimension à scier rond 10 mm
Plus petite dimension à scier plat 10 x 10 mm
Puissance motrice 15 kW
Vitesses de rotation 24 - 259 min-1
Diamètre de lame 360 / 420 / 460 mm
Longueur de réapprovisionnement simple course 1.000 mm
Vitesse de réapprovisionnement 1.250 mm/s
Avance scie Avance servo par vis à billes
Serrage matière Hydraulique
Entraînement scie Contrôlé par fréquence
Longueur 2.550 mm
Largeur 1.900 mm
Hauteur 2.000 mm
Poids 3.200 kg
Hauteur plan d´appui du matériel 1.170 mm

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