Modern Steel plate and profile machining equipement

As a leading manufacturer of profile processing machines and systems, Vernet Behringer develops and produces innovative, efficient machines and production lines for steel construction, specialists for transmission lines and other sectors where steel plates and profiles are machined. New series for milling and high-speed drilling expand the comprehensive range. Vernet Behringer offers turnkey solutions from a single source with extensive automation solutions for loading, unloading and sorting. In-house software development set standards in digitalisation.

Partnership brings continuity

In 1882, Arthur Vernet founded the company in Dijon to manufacture manual punching and shearing machines for steel construction. In 1924, the company has more than 25 patents registered, including one patent for a sawing machine with a vertical saw blade for metalworking.

Vernet extended its production with CNC lines and drilling machines in 1982. Behringer acquired a stake in Vernet in 1996 and the company Vernet Behringer was founded. 2020 Behringer GmbH takes over 100 % of the shares of Vernet Behringer.

Shared strength.

Vernet Behringer looks ambitiously towards the future, thanks to its many years of experience and our excellent reputation in the sector. We are also well positioned in terms of technology, with our innovative machine series and advanced automatic CNC lines.

Thanks to BEHRINGER, we can combine our flexibility with the strengths of a global player. There are still many great things we can achieve together. We intend to work more closely together on technical development and synergies in Production and HR – with the aim of strengthening our international network and our export activities.


Pascal Denis, CEO Vernet Behringer

An interview with Christian Behringer.

What inspired you to acquire a stake in Vernet Behringer?
There were some interesting synergies. First of all, the product synergies. Behringer sawing machines and Vernet drilling machines are an outstanding match for one another in the field of profile machining. It is a growth market in which we were able to position ourselves better by working together. Synergies also arose through the different domestic markets of France and Germany, which also had a positive effect on an international level in terms of building a stronger network. And last but not least, working closely together has driven us both forward, in regard to innovation and technology.

How has Vernet Behringer developed?
In the last ten years, Vernet Behringer has greatly expanded its market presence and is a recognised international player with over 70% of the annual turnover.

How do you see Behringer and Vernet Behringer working together in the future?
There is still a lot of potential for development. For example, shared projects for integrating automatic lines or in regard to digitalisation. Our solid partnership spanning 23 years provides a sound basis for such work.

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