Up-Stroking Automatic Circular Saw PSU 450 M

Automatic mitre circular saw for industry and workhops

The automatic mitre circular saw PSU 450 M is a true all-rounder for cutting tubes, profiles, solids and angles.Impressive features include its high output, process reliability and simple handling. Its automatic mitre adjustment and servo motor-driven feed gripper make for extreme flexibility in this outstanding machine concept. Its modular structure allows the PSU 450 M to be combined with infeed magazines or disposal devices.

  • Behringer Eisele Unterflur-Kreissägeautomat PSU 450 M

    PSU 450 M

  • Behringer Eisele Unterflur-Kreissägeautomat PSU 450 M Materialtisch mit Gehrungseinrichtung

    Automatic mitre adjustment 30° to 150°

  • Behringer Eisele Unterflur-Kreissägeautomat PSU 450 M Nachschubgreifer zur Positionierung des Ausgangsmaterials

    Servo-driven feeding gripper

  • Behringer Eisele Unterflur-Kreissägeautomat PSU 450 M intuitive SPS Steuerung mit Touch-Screen

    Powerful control

Avantages des PSU 450 M

  • Optimum chip flow
    also when sawing tubes and hollow profiles due to the saw feed from bottom up.

  • Extensive range of materials
    The up-stroking circular saws of the PSU series cover an extensive range of materials such as flat, angular and solid material, pipes and special profiles. They are therefore ideally suited for use in industry and workshops.

  • Sturdy machine base
    The heavy machine stand and the vibration-damping cast iron components made by Behringer ensure a low-vibration sawing process and thus an increase in tool life.

  • Micro spray system
    When sawing profiles, pipes and solid material, the standard minimum quantity lubrication system delivers the best results. The saw blade is constantly moistened with cutting oil via a nozzle. This guarantees a long tool life and a clean working environment.

  • High cutting quality
    Workpiece clamping on both sides of the saw blade ensures a clean cutting surface and low tolerances.

  • Robust and durable
    The heart of the PSU saw units is a worm gear unit with Eisele shock-absorbing feature, produced in-house. The robust design of the gearbox consistently dampens vibrations. This ensures a good cutting surface, long saw blade life and a long service life of the saw.

  • Simple, intuitive control
    Everything in view. Everything under control. The control system is self-explanatory, simple, avoids operating errors and allows quick navigation in the various programmes.

  • Servo axes
    for precise and fast length positioning of the starting material and mitre angle adjustment.

  • Short cycle times
    by electronic cutting height adjustment and rapid return of the saw blade.

  • Reduced material consumption
    Alternating sawing eliminates the need for gussets on sections with the same angle. This saves material and increases productivity.

Propre configuration

Les PSU 450 M peuvent être parfaitement configurées selon vos besoins grâce à de nombreuses options. Ainsi, vous tirez le maximum de votre production. Nos experts se feront un plaisir de vous conseiller. Nous nous réjouissons de votre demande.


Caractéristiques techniques PSU 450 M

Plat 90° 240 x 70 mm
Plat 45° 180 x 50 mm
Plat 30° 130 x 30 mm
Carré 90° 140 x 140 mm
Carré 45° 125 x 125 mm
Carré 30° 100 x 100 mm
Rond 90° 150 mm
Rond 45° 145 mm
Rond 30° 112 mm
Plus petite dimension à scier rond 10 mm
Plus petite dimension à scier plat 10 x 10 mm
Puissance motrice 3,0 / 3,6 kW
Vitesses de rotation 6 / 12 / 24 / 48 min-1
Vitesses de rotation en option 12 / 24 / 48 / 96 min-1
Diamètre de lame 450 mm
Longueur de réapprovisionnement simple course 1.500 mm
Vitesse de réapprovisionnement 667 mm/s
Avance scie hydraulique
Serrage matière hydraulique
Longueur 3.100 mm
Largeur 1.500 mm
Hauteur 1.950 mm
Poids 2.300 kg
Hauteur plan d´appui du matériel 1.020 mm

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