FG2000 - Marking-drilling-milling machine for gusset plates

Complete plate machining at maximum productivity

The plate processing machine FG2000 from Vernet Behringer allows drilling (both HSS and carbide), milling (long holes, big diameters…), marking and holes deburring of gusset and connecting plates up to 2,000 x 1,000 x 60 mm.

  • FG2000 plate drilling-milling-marking machine

  • V-scoring quick and deep marking, carbide drilling and milling

  • Disk marking unit with 25 positions

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  • Positionning carriage and gripping assembly

  • High-speed machining

  • 8-fold tool changer

Features of the plate processing machine FG2000





  • Increase your production capacity
    The closed portal machine frame guaranteing an optimal rigidity, and the table permanently supporting the plate ensure a high speed carbide drilling and vibration-free milling for quick machining with no equivalent on the market.

  • Minimize non-productive times
    easy loading and unloading thanks to the grippers positioned at the rear of the machine and to optimal work station ergonomics.

  • Identify your parts and indicate assembly positions
    with the exclusive V-scoring system, which is fast, quiet, visible after painting/galvanising and has a low running cost. The optional disc marking unit with 25 positions makes marking even faster.

  • Powerful control system
    User-friendly and powerful software suite allowing the import and easy programming of your parts.

Configuration personnalisée

La FG2000 peut être parfaitement configurée selon vos besoins grâce à de nombreuses options. Ainsi, vous tirez le maximum de votre production. N'hésitez pas à nous contacter, nos experts se feront un plaisir de vous conseiller.


Technical data plate processing machine FG2000

Plate dimensions 2,000 x 1,000 mm
Max. thickness of processed plate 60 mm
Max. weight 600 kg
Max. drilling diameter 50 mm Ø
V-scoring fast scribing Standard
Tool changer 8 Ø
Drilling power 16 kW
Rotation speed 160 - 4,000 rpm
Machine Control PRONC23D user-friendly programming software with 3D part display 

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