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HBE320-523GA - HBP510-1208GA

Specialist for structural steel work

Develpoed for automatic left and right mitre cuts.
These are saws to really get things moving.

Top class for high-volume production

The automatic mitre bandsaws from BEHRINGER are saws to really get things moving. Particularly when it comes to classical series production such as cutting to fixed lengths and mitre sawing in automatic mode. And also when cutting layers and packages they make a good impression. By their excellent cutting performance and short nonproductive times, your productivity can be increased significantly.

Convenient automation
Using an NC controlled feed gripper in conjunction with an NC controlled saw frame mitre box, fully automatic mitre cuts can be performed on both sides. The PC control system provided as standard makes for extremely simple menu-prompted operation of the saw and peripheral devices. 

Profitability as standard
The BEHRINGER mitre bandsaws contain many useful features already in the basic price:

  • Convenient PC control
  • Fast NC-controlled mitre system
  • Vertical clamping unit
  • NC-controlled feeding gripper with 3.000 mm feeding length in single stroke
  • Spray mist cooling system

Technical Data

Model Cutting range Mitre left Mitre right Feed length
single stroke
90° round 90° flat
W x H
45° flat
W x H
30° flat
W x H
45° flat
W x H
HBE320-523GA 320 520 x 320 390 x 320 200 x 320 330 x 320 3000
HBP410-723GA 410 620 x 400 450 x 400 300 x 300 450 x 380 3000
HBP410-923GA 410 820 x 400 600 x 400 400 x 300 600 x 380 3000
HBP510-723GA 510 620 x 500 450 x 500 300 x 400 450 x 500 3000
HBP510-923GA 510 820 x 500 600 x 500 400 x 400 600 x 500 3000
HBE610-1256G 610 1250 x 610 880 x 610 610 x 610 880 x 610 3000

All data in mm


Saw frame
Der The saw frame runs safe and exact on bearings. The angles can be quickly and precisely set using a scale.
Saw frame
Material gripper
The electronically controlled material gripper ensures fast, precise material positioning.
Material gripper
Roller table
Roller table with powered hydraulic lifting roller.
Roller table