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Since its formation in 1919, the BEHRINGER Group has been an owner-managed family firm. We are proud of our traditional values as a medium-sized enterprise, in which customer focus and cooperative partnership play a central role. Christian Behringer and Rolf Behringer, both grandsons of the company’s founder August Behringer, are now at the helm in the third generation of family management.


Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Christian Behringer has headed up the Engineering, Sales and Marketing Divisions as Managing Partner since 2000.

"The needs of our customers form the benchmark against which we drive our development work forward. It is from them that we gain our impetus to engineer creative solutions in the field of sawing technology. This applies both to new developments and also innovative detailed improvements to tried and tested existing plants. Our vast experience and engineering expertise makes us the ideal partner when it comes to large-scale projects implemented in close cooperation with the customer."

Rolf Behringer has been in charge of the Commercial Division as Managing Partner since 1988.

“More than ever in this day and age, maintaining a competitive edge in the mechanical engineering sector entails keeping a close eye on internal production processes, which offer enormous potential for savings – for instance through modular design or efficient supplier management. Most of the suppliers we use have been our partners over many years, and with their support we are able to operate profitably. Under the bottom line, it is our customers who benefit. We are able to pass on added value and so help them to set new standards in the market.“