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Everything from a single source. BEHRINGER is one of the few complete suppliers on the market to offer a matured portfolio spanning an enormous range - from “classics” for the workshop through to industrial bandsaw machines for true heavyweights. A particular forte of ours: customized complete material handling solutions. A competent after-sales team and an established network of partners ensure rapid after-sales support to the highest standard of manufacturer quality. Our extensive spare parts inventory and our own in-house production guarantee a rapid supply of spare parts you can depend on – even for saws which have been reliably operating for over 30 years.


Our qualified team of engineers and technicians works tirelessly to maintain and consistently progress our products. Their work to develop, design and produce our high-performance machines is motivated by a sense of dedication and the search for optimum solutions. Each and every member of the team is driven to achieve success both for us and for our customers.

High quality

“From the molten iron to the finished product”: A high vertical depth of production, top-quality machining centres, the latest production methods and a cohesive system of quality management all work together to secure the high standard of our products across every production stage. Our own ultra-modern foundry and our many years of specialist experience in the field of grey and spheroidal graphite cast iron guarantee the premium quality of all our cast components. The result: Stability and solid structural design for the very highest performance, cutting accuracy, and a long service life for tools and for every original BEHRINGER machine.

Customer focus

We know precisely what it is our customers need in terms of sawing technology. We understand their requirements and maintain a continuous dialogue with them. Our particular strength lies in individuality. BEHRINGER is a sound and reliable partner - particularly when it comes to customized material handling solutions. We offer personal, individual advice and if required, we will be pleased to take complete charge of project management.

Innovative drive

Whether you are looking for a workshop machine or a high-end saw for industrial-scale production: We aspire to stay that essential “step ahead” in terms of high performance and precision. We remain in close contact with leading tool manufacturers and research institutes, and continuously seek new challenges by running tests on steel, aluminium and special-purpose alloys, as well as practical testing of customer materials. This allows us to carve out clear benefits for our customers in today’s toughly competitive markets – through innovative sawing technology which ensures a sound return on investment from day one.